Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Learning psychology with iPads

As part of our 1-to-1 iPad program, our high school students are learning with new "apps" as they and teachers explore new opportunities. High School Science Department Chair Hilary Staples gave us this update on learning psychology with iPads:

"After units on learning, memory and cognition, the AP Psychology class is now exploring neuroscience and all aspects of the brain and nervous system. In order to understand and engage with the concepts students have completed a diversity of assignments; from analyzing 'how many parts of your brain it takes to ride a bike to Redhill', to acting out the neurotransmitter exchanges in the synapse and how drugs interfere, and even eating celebratory brain (shaped) jello. As we work on reviewing this material the students have really enjoyed using the 3D Brain App on their iPads which allows them to rotate the model of the brain in multiple directions. Areas can be selected and information about each location is highlighted."

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