Friday, January 11, 2013

Students explore the Marin History Museum with iPads!

Our Library Director, Scott Fletcher, shared an exciting new app for iOS devices that demonstrates some of the flexibility of the iPad to make learning more global... but also more local!

As a volunteer cataloger and historian for the Marin History Museum I feel very fortunate to work with the Museum’s collection of photographs, papers and artifacts that reveal the rich history of our county. Designed for 21st century learners, this app is a perfect way for students and their families to share and learn the history of Marin using mobile technology, including the iPad! The Marin History Museum App allows users to explore the history of Marin by viewing an interactive map with over 250 points of historical interest marked by geo-coded icons. Users can click each icon to gain access to virtual exhibitions of audio, video, and licensable photographs from the vast Marin History Museum Archives. There is a link to download the app and also another to watch a short video displaying the app’s capabilities on the Marin History Museum’s news webpage,

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