Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Synthesizing by creating in history class

Middle School lead history teacher Wynn Richards (who will be one of our workshop leaders at iTeach 2013) recently shared some of the work her sixth graders have created in a lesson on ancient Egypt.  They synthesized their learning by creating their own content on iPads:

Sixth graders have been studying ancient Egypt in their middle school history classes. The Egyptian gods and goddesses are colorful and dramatic, so we decided to use a fun, free app called ComicBook! to demonstrate what students found interesting about them. It was an exciting activity, the app was easy to navigate, and it took the students only one class period to create these little gems.

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  1. Sixth graders are actually learning old Egypt within their middle school history lessons. The particular Egypt gods along with goddesses are generally vibrant along with stunning, therefore we all chose to utilize a enjoyment,

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