Thursday, November 10, 2011

ShowMe.. Ancient Civilizations in Global Studies

High School teacher Justin Suran, who also facilitates the high school faculty's work workgroup in integrated technology, recently had his students in the 9th grade use the app "ShowMe" on their iPads.  He reports:

App: ShowMe

San Domenico freshmen created presentations about ancient Mesopotamia on topics ranging from sailboats and the invention of the wheel to astronomy and architecture.  Students recorded their presentations using an app that allows them to record their voices, import images, and write with a finger or stylus on a digital whiteboard.  Students demonstrated, for example, how ancient irrigation worked and how cuneiform evolved from basic pictures to a sophisticated writing system.  

The following are some examples of the whiteboard presentations created by my 9th grade Global Studies students using the ShowMe app.  Students created these two-minute videos on different aspects of ancient Mesopotamian civilization:

Sasha Nakae

Cuneiform Writing
Erin Wiens St. John

Irrigation Systems
Bailey Ferguson

Babylonian Astronomy
Coco Jiang

The Wheel
Annabelle Kronik

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  1. Nice work, Justin. I like the blend of audio, visual and written expression!