Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3rd Graders Teach iMovie on iPad in Social Studies

San Domenico School utilizes MacBook and iPad stations and carts in Kindergarten-5th Grade to integrate technology into the curriculum. Primary School Technology Coordinator Carol Mosley let us know about some excited learners -- who we could now call teachers! -- in our 3rd Grade:

“The 3rd Grade Class has been very busy during Social Studies this year. In addition to in-depth learning for their individual Marin Share projects, the students are also developing “Technology Teacher” skills. After researching a local Marin County site, each child compiles factual information to present to the class. A display board or Powerpoint presentation is a standard visual tool. What is new and exciting this year is the introduction of iMovies into the classroom. With the addition of MacBook computers, the students were able to create, edit and produce their own iMovies to capture their presentation and background research. With the introduction of teacher iPads into the classroom, the students took the iMovies to a new level of ease and creativity. Using the iPad iMovie app each student creates a unique HD movie, and then shares this knowledge with the student presenting the following week. This allows each student to be both the student and the teacher which really cements the learning process.”

Please enjoy the following video showcasing our amazing 3rd graders exploring and explaining the differences between iMovies done on MacBook and iMovies done on an iPad. Want to join their class?

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