Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Journey to the Center of the Earth.. with iPads!

Sixth graders recently completed a science project that featured student iPads integrated naturally.  Kali Baird, Middle School Science Teacher and Technology Facilitator shared two examples of student iMovies and a description of the lesson unit:

"Sixth grade science students have recently completed a model Earth project in the classroom. They first read about the interior and surface features of the Earth followed by class discussions, guided digital worksheets, Google Earth and USGS exploration. The students brought in supplies to work in a group to create a model Earth using various items. They were required to take photos/brief videos as they created their models. As a project enrichment and wrap-up, students created an iMovie or a PowerPoint that showcased the model making process supported by vocabulary terms specific to parts of the Earth. It served to reinforce concepts that they had studied in a media that they enjoy - some spent an inordinate amount of time selecting the perfect soundtrack to go with their presentation!"

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  1. Great work students (and Kali). As a Geography major I am pleased to see the students using mind and body to learn about and recreate the earth's structure and plate tectonics!