Thursday, March 8, 2012

Integrating Technology in Primary School Classrooms

Primary School Technology Coordinator Carol Mosley reports on integrated technology happening in our classrooms in grades K-5 this week.  iPad and MacBook carts and stations support learning and teaching in all grade levels:

This week it is challenging to focus on just one “Tech Activity” in the Primary School!  Here’s what comes to mind when I’m in and out of the classrooms - Joann Brew has her 5th grade math classes creating iMovies to show a deep understanding of division and ratios - Brian Kaplan is moving his 4th grade science classes ahead by encouraging participation in the 1st Annual World Science Day - Carlos Zerzan is using Voki avatars to let his Spanish students practice their oral fluency - Lauren Murphy is using  Pizza Fractions: Beginning with simple fractions to engage our young 3rd grade mathmeticians!  Our second graders placed in the forefront during World Math Day -- and Meade Guignon has her 1st grade readers using the SpellBoard app with individual log-ins to work on dolch site words - Kelly Steers has her math classes utilizing Khan Academy...and our Senior friends are having a great time exploring interactive Bob Books on their iPad centers!

Has technology changed our classrooms?  Yes! The teaching teams have been able to tap into student interest and introduce or reinforce their lessons through hands-on, relevant apps and websites.  We are adapting our teaching methods including appropriate project-based learning - and modeling “life-long learning” for all our students.  Looking ahead to even deeper technology integration next year, we are working closely with our Middle School teachers to find out more about what is working so well - and what pitfalls have already been encountered during this remarkable year. In the true spirit of community, we will be visiting other classrooms and watching first hand how other teachers and students are using iPads, laptops, digital cameras and interactive projectors to Educate. Engage. Empower. our amazing students.

In closing, I have to celebrate another year of participation in the World Education Games.  Our students in grades 1-5 have been engaged in World Spelling Day, World Math Day and World Science Day.  Congratulations to all the students and teachers who supported this global challenge to unite the world in learning!


  1. In the days of yore, preparations would have entailed buying folders, paper and pencils. Today, the expectation for parents who want to give their kids every advantage is to load them up with as much technology as possible, especially at the elementary-school level. Geeky Tech Blog

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