Thursday, October 16, 2014

Teaching Beyond Classroom Walls

One of our a lower school technology goals is to connect with other classrooms around the world.

Searching Google+ Communities looking for a classroom to work with, we found many different schools interested in connecting beyond their classroom walls. 

Mr. Hopper's 4th Grade Math class trying to guess the 'mystery number.'
"Mystery hangouts" are a popular method of interaction when connecting students this way. Typically this activity includes an exercise where students ask yes/no questions to identify where in the world the other class is located.

I decided to use a math component in our mystery hangout. We chose a "mystery number" between 1-99 and students asked questions to try and figure out the number. Students asked questions like:  Is it a two-digit number? Is it a prime number? Does the sum of the digits equal 9?

Although our class didn't "win" and correctly guess the number first, they all unknowingly learned a little more about divisibility rules and had a great time in the process.  If you're looking to connect with another classroom as well feel free to take a look at Google+ CommunitiesSkype for the Classroom, or ask me about how you can get connected!

Our fourth grade students also participated in a Mystery Skype! Each student had a job to carry out such as, inquirer, question keeper, recorder and mapper. This was a great way for students to work together, as well as learn more about US geography.

Now that we have identified the location of our buddy classes, we will be communicating with them via SkypeEdmodo, and Kidblog to discuss The Fourteenth Goldfish, a book we will all read together as part of Global Read Aloud.

Ryan Hopper
4th Grade Teacher
Lower School Technology Facilitator
Melissa Yazzolino
4th Grade Teacher

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