Monday, November 18, 2013

iXL in Math!

This year San Domenico School is using IXL as a tool to provide reinforcement, challenge, and intervention in math in the Primary School.

Current San Domenico 5th graders tested it out at the end of last year and they overwhelming agreed it was the best choice between the three options we gave them: IXL, Mathletics, & Tenmarks.  There were a variety of reasons students preferred IXL. One important reason IXL works for us is that it isn't flash-based so it worked great with our current 1:1 iPad program. 

We were pleasantly surprised that IXL released an app for the iPad earlier this school year.  

Overall, San Domenico 4th grade students have done about 15,000 problems and 100 hours worth of work!  San Domenico 5th grade students have done about 10,500 problems and have worked for 125 hours.  

This year we are expanding the use of IXL into the 2nd and 3rd classes as well.

Don't just take our word for it, here is what the students have to say about IXL:  

I like IXL because it will help me to get better at math, it doesn't matter how fast you go, and you get prizes.  You can also pick any grade you are in or pick any grade you'd like to play with.  It's awesome!  (Parisa F - 4th)

I like IXL because you can challenge yourself and get prizes. (Nathan L. 5th)

I like IXL because it has different grade levels that you can challenge yourself to if your grade level is too easy for you. The app that they just made about a month ago is pretty cool because it has the sections for the grade that you selected in different colored boxes. (Jack N - 4th)

I like IXL because it is a fun way to learn new subjects in math. IXL also helps you become better at things that you needed more help on. (Julia M. - 5th)

I like IXL because I get awards and I can challenge myself. It is a great education for all ages. (Eva F. - 4th)

I love IXL because it puts the fun in learning and you can play anywhere any time (Henry G. - 5th)

I like IXL because there are so many levels and it's fun because you are on an iPad and you don't just do a fourth grade level you can go higher and push your limits. (Payton F - 4th)

If you have questions about how we are utilizing this educational resource in the Primary School please contact Ryan Hopper.

Ryan Hopper
4th Grade Teacher
Primary School Technology Facilitator

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