Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Students Teaching Students!

Question: What happens when we see that the updated iCal app is no longer a great tool to record homework?

Answer: Informally survey the students to discover their preferred apps. The top two contenders were myHomework and The Homework app.

Solution: This problem provided a great opportunity for 12 students from grades 6, 7, and 8 to step into a leadership role to teach other students. The group of twelve was randomly paired up to visit each 6th grade Advisory to share the two apps. In watching the “junior teachers” in action, they were awesome! Each pair shared their app of preference by projecting the app and then showing the various functions. They also talked about what they liked about it and then answered questions.

Students teaching students at San Domenico
Our 6th grader rocked it! “Since it is my first year in middle school, going up and speaking in front of a class helped me build confidence not just for speaking, but it also helped give me confidence that I can have for the rest of my 6th grade year. This experience will help me feel more comfortable speaking to a large audience in the future.”

Our 7th grader had a great time! “It was a fun way to be in the teachers shoes for a little bit and sharing something with younger kids.”

Our 8th grader had a blast! “It was really fun teaching the sixth graders about the homework apps, they all listened and asked really good questions. The messed around with us too and made some really funny jokes.”

And from the teachers: "They were all so helpful and informative that my advisees immediately downloaded one of the apps to try out.  Well done!”

And one more, “I love it when students get to be in a role of leadership to show off their skills.”

Students teaching students is quite an empowering moment of leadership!

Kali Baird - Director of High School Advising
PreK-8 Science and Technology Lead

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